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Pelle Bushcraft | France Survivalisme

Bushcraft Shovel

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Pelle de Survie | France Survivalisme

Survival Shovel

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Petite Pelle de Survie Multifonction Noir | Survie

Small Multifunction Survival Shovel

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Kit Pelle de Survie | Survie

Survival Shovel Kit

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Mini Pelle Multifonction de Survie | Survie

Mini Multifunction Survival Shovel

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Pelle Multifonction de Survie | Survie

Multifunction Survival Shovel

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What is a Survival Shovel?

A survival shovel is an essential multifunctional tool for anyone venturing into the outdoors or preparing for emergency situations. Our collection of survival shovels offers a variety of options, from compact, folding models to larger versions for more demanding jobs.

Why have a Survival Shovel?

Having a survival shovel is crucial for several reasons. It is a versatile tool that can be used for digging shelters, preparing food, digging toilets in the wilderness, and even as a defense weapon when needed. The survival shovels in our collection go further with interchangeable tips, which can transform into a knife, compass, screwdriver, and more.

How to choose your Survival Shovel?

Choosing a survival shovel depends on your specific needs. If you're looking for a compact, easy-to-carry tool, our small folding shovels might be perfect for you. If you are planning larger jobs, one of our medium or large excavators might be more suitable. And for those looking for the ultimate in versatility, our multifunctional shovels with interchangeable tips are an exceptional choice.

Why is this essential?

A survival shovel is essential for its versatility and practicality. Few tools offer so many features in a single product. Additionally, our excavators are designed to be robust and durable, ensuring that they can withstand harsh conditions while remaining useful for many years.

Usage examples:

  1. Digging Shelters : A shovel can be used to dig trenches or holes for emergency shelters, to protect against bad weather, or to remain concealed.

  2. Obtaining water : If you are in an area where water is accessible below the surface of the ground, a shovel can help you dig a survival well.

  3. Cooking : The shovel can be used as a cooking surface, by heating it over a fire.

  4. Hunting and Fishing : The shovel can be used to dig traps to catch animals or to dig up worms for fishing.

  5. Safety : In a survival situation, the shovel can be used as an improvised weapon.

  6. Signals : A shovel can be used to create distress signals visible from the sky by clearing snow or digging trenches in the ground.

  7. Hygiene : A shovel can be used to dig latrines, helping to maintain good hygiene and avoid disease.

  8. Fire : You can use a shovel to dig a pit for a fire, which can help protect it from the wind and focus it for cooking or heating.

  9. Harvesting Food : A shovel can be used to dig up edible plants, tubers, or worms.

  10. Navigation : If you have a compass but no map, you can use a shovel to draw a rudimentary map in the ground, using the compass for orientation.

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